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Bibles for Children was founded by Ted Hudson BEM in July 1997 to advance the understanding of the Christian Faith through the provision of Children’s Bibles and Bible related materials to children in Primary Schools. Since its establishment the charity has provided Bibles to over 735,000 children in over 2,500 schools throughout the United Kingdom. To enable the charity to achieve its aims, a small sponsorship of
50 pence for each pupil receiving a Bible is needed from schools or supportive organisations such as local churches, but there are no carriage or other charges involved.

Of the three Bibles given,  The Children’s Bible is the one most requested. It has some 300 stories from the Bible, re-told in simple sentences and printed in large type with lively, colourful illustrations on every page. It is an ideal introduction to the Bible for young children and is usually given to pupils in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5. There is a Welsh edition, Beibl Y Plant, and over 17,000 Welsh speaking children have received this edition.

The Rainbow Good News Bible is suitable for Year 6 pupils, (Years P6 & P7 in Scotland and N. Ireland,) and is widely used with young people. Highly approved by all denominations, it is the complete Bible in simple everyday language, with an introduction to each book of the Bible along with colour illustrations, maps, charts and hundreds of line drawings by Annie Vallotton.

Teachers are welcome to use text and illustrations from any of the three Bibles we provide in online education and assemblies.

Bibles for Children works closely with Headteachers and endeavours to respond positively to requests for age-appropriate Bibles for pupils in their schools. Find out more by using the links at the top of this page. Anyone wishing to receive more information and an Application Form for these Bibles should get in touch with the Chairman, Ted Hudson BEM. The details are on our Contact Us page.

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