Follow-on Scheme

Once the first gift of Bibles has been made, the Trustees feel that it is important to make provision for future years so that each child moving to Year 2 has their own Children’s Bible and that each child has a copy of the Rainbow Good News Bible before they leave school.


Bibles for Children will be pleased to provide copies of The Children’s Bible for all Year 2 pupils (and any new pupils joining the school in older year groups) and the complete Rainbow Good News Bible for older pupils if the school obtains sponsorship of £5.95 for each pupil. The scheme gives excellent economic value as well an the educational benefits it provides. There is no additional charge for packing or carriage. We find that many local churches, businesses or trusts will help the school by proving the financial sponsorship required.

The Welsh edition of The Children’s Bible, Beibl Y Plant is also available for the same sponsorship.


A school with a new intake of 30 children, and 30 children in Year 6, would need to sponsor, or find a sponsor to donate, £357 for all 60 children to receive a Bible.


Teachers wishing to take advantage of this scheme should email their requirements to  or contact Ted Hudson BEM, the Chairman of “Bibles for Children”, or the Trustee or Associate with whom the school is corresponding.