Choice of Bibles

One of the priorities of the Trustees is that children should be able to read and use the Bibles at the time they are given. The initial gift of Bibles is therefore for every pupil in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (and P7 in Scottish and N.Ireland Primary Schools).

Most schools choose The Children’s Bible for all pupils from Year 2 upwards, or for everyone in Years 2-5, with the Rainbow Good News Bible for the older pupils. Some flexibility is possible to meet individual requests, but for the first gift we do not provide Rainbow Good News Bibles to pupils in Years 2 and 3, only copies of The Children’s Bible.

For small schools where Year 1 and Year 2 pupils are taught in the same class, we are also willing to provide a Children’s Bible for every pupil in Year 1.

In subsequent years, with our Follow-on scheme, we can arrange for each child in the new Year 2 (and any new arrivals to the school in higher year groups) to receive The Children’s Bible, and for older pupils (who have previously received the The Children’s Bible) a copy of The Rainbow Good News Bible. Some schools do this at the beginning of Year 6, others as a leaving present.

Over 435,000 children have been given a copy of The Children’s Bible and our feedback and experience show that it is so user-friendly that the children want to read it from cover to cover and often in their own free time. This increases their knowledge and also their general motivation skills.

A Welsh edition of The Children’s BibleBeibl y Plant, is also available. The page numbering and layout of pictures and text are identical with the English edition.

Whatever the choice, we feel that it is important that every child in the same class has the same Bible as it facilitates class projects, and the setting of homework tasks. Details of the three Bibles can be seen by clicking on “Details of Bibles” in the menu above.