Comments by pupils

Thank you for my Bible – it has made me think a lot about God and the mighty and clever things He can do.    (Jay)

I get carried away reading it and I have to be told to stop more than once.     (Sarah)

I read the Bible you gave me a lot. It helps me believe in things that I would never have believed in.     (Chanice)

My big sister likes my Bible too because sometimes I can’t find it because my big sister has got it in her room.     (Caroline)

Thank you for these great Bibles – Everybody’s been reading them and talking about them. The pictures are really good and the writing is easy to understand.     (Sam)

Thank you for my Bible – I really want to know Jesus and his friends.     (Katie)

The Bibles you gave are the greatest influence on the school from the youngest to the oldest.     (Claudia)

Thank you for giving me a brilliant Bible.     (Jake)

I am glad you came to our school because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have believed in God.     (Lifreena)

Thank you for giving me the Bible. It is the first Bible I have ever had – I am nine years old.     (Maxine)

Thank you for our Bibles. I read half the story and my daddy reads the rest.    (Robert)

It is a lovely Bible. I read it every night before I go to sleep.     (Hasna)

Ever since I received my Bible I have been reading the stories. As you said, my name is in the Bible.     (Rachel)

Thank you so much for my Rainbow Good News Bible. It’s the best Bible I’ve got and I enjoy reading it.     (Victoria)

I read a story every night. I hope you enjoy reading my letter as much as I enjoy reading the Bible.     (Samantha)

Thank you for travelling over 200 miles just to present us with Bibles. It was a wonderful thought – I have never had a Bible of my own before.     (Chris)

Thank you for my Bible – I keep it under my pillow and I read it at night.     (Thomas)